ZINDEL ON LINE : track your order online

The perfect tool for management of your supplies :

Zindel Online : From your own computer you can see the progress of your parts in real time.

Anticipate and prepare for receipt by downloading the Bill of Loading and Quality Certificates while the parts are still on the road.

  • Transport, packaging, labelling provided upon leaving each site.
  • EDI.
  • Storage capacities with the option of "Logistics Platform" service.
    • 4 000 m² dedicated area
    • 2 000 m² dedicated area
    • 3 200 m² dedicated area
  • Transportation management with our own trucks or by subcontract to provide you with the most complete service, best suited to your needs.

Tracking progress of your orders may be done online.

All the documents associated with each order (BL, Certificates of Conformity) may be printed online by our customers.