GalvanoPlast Group

Acquisition of Company Modern'Chrome
Effectif : 350p. - C.A. : 35 M€

In line with its diversification strategy, the Group completed the acquisition of Modern’Chrome.

Located in Les Lilas (Paris Region), Modern’Chrome has been offering a particularly wide range of processes since 1945 for the jewellery, luxury goods, aeronautics and medical markets…

Kick-off Electroplast Maroc
Effectif : 330p. - C.A. : 32 M€

On August 2018, taking advantage of the dynamism of the Moroccan ecosystem, the GALVANOPLAST Group start its first site abroad, Electroplast, based in a free zone in Tangier.

Acquisition of the companies Frantz Electrlyse and TMD
Effectif : 320p. - C.A. : 30 M€

2017 will be an eventful year with the takeover of Frantz Electrolyse, a major player in the Paris region, and the company TMD (Traitement des métaux Dauphinois) at Bourg-de Péage, which specialises in aluminium and titanium treatments for the aeronautics, medical and rail sectors, both for industry and private individuals.

Kick-off Galvanoplast Aerospace
Effectif : 230p. - C.A. : 22 M€

It is now a matter of working on sustainability by diversifying trades and sectors of activity. Thus, in 2015 the group inaugurated its first aeronautical workshop on the Reims plant, as well as its first thermal spraying unit on the Aynans site.

Acquisition of the company Zindel
Effectif : 200p. - C.A. : 20 M€

In search of the necessary critical size, a new acquisition will be made in 2011 with Zindel, its historical “competitor” located in the Doubs, near Sochaux (Historical PSA factory).

A this date GalvanoPlast Group employs 250 people with a turnover of nearly €25M/year, is already the French leader in anti-corrosion treatments.

Acquisition of the company Jean et Chamont
Effectif : 105p. - C.A. : 15 M€

Pierre and Alexandre CORDONNIER, the co-managers, achieving on this date their first external growth.

Doubling of the workshops areas
Effectif : 48p. - C.A. : 5.7 M€
Mutation 80% of our production means in Electrolytic coatings
Effectif : 35p. - C.A. : 3 M€
Relocation and facilities upgrade
Effectif : 31p. - C.A. : 500 k€
Effectif : 4p.

The head office of the GALVANOPLAST Group is based in Franche Comté (french Region), in the heart of one of the largest french metallurgical industry area. The family business, created in 1959 by Jacques CORDONNIER, benefited until 2007 from the growth of the automotive sector.


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